Applications of Different Types of Electrical Transformers

Electrical transformers act as serves support systems to multiple electrical applications. These devices make the life simpler as they are utilized with various residential, business and commercial applications. A quantity of electrical transformer NICEIC Electrician Blackpool types also been devised all over your lifetime. Today, the electrical transformer manufacturers manufacture different types of transformers for various applications. For electrical transformer seller, you need to know the applications of popular transformer types so to cater to different needs of the people in the market.

The following section discusses the applications of different electrical transformers available found on the internet. Step Down Transformers As common history suggests, these transformers are meant to reduce the electrical current. These electrical transformers are used in short-distance power transmission, intermediate transmission systems, local power distribution systems and at commercial sites to support the machinery. AC Power Isolation Transformers These transformers are of great use in supplying power to the highly sensitive devices like computers.

The electronic equipment in the hospitals and other medical settings are also supplied power with these transformers. Some with the other applications of isolation transformers are usually telecommunications, office automation, laboratory instrumentation and CAD/CAM. Enclosed Electrical Transformers Enclosed extremely metal case, these electrical transformers are great where a fixed installation is need. These transformers can be installed on to the ground or mounted on the walls. As it really is obvious, these transformers protect themselves from the attack of air and moisture.

Dry Type Transformers The dry type electrical transformers utilized in hospitals, schools, chemical plants, high-rise buildings, tunnels and steel factories. With the places where protection against fire has to be taken proper care of. Dry type transformers are fire resistant transformers and therefore find applications at these places. Portable Electrical Transformers A portable electrical transformer is in the main used as a short-term replacement where an electricity line fails suddenly and affects the life of numerous people today.

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