LED fluorescent lamp design of the four key technologies

Fluorescent tube is widely found daily life supermarkets schools office market subway and more. when it comes to appear with the public places extensive use of fluorescent lights could be enjoyed! explosion-proof lighting saving fluorescent lamp performance after some period of hype we have been very accepted but returned to spend heavily for LED fluorescent tubes many of which are now come to a lowcost energysaving lamps with exactly the situation: saving money but not section ! But all the time of waste of money how to make LED service life and brightness to the satisfaction relying on the standard is definitely a meaningful topic! LED fluorescent tube to maintain durability and high brightness problems to be solved is: Power supply LED light heat security four key technologies.

I. Power supply Power first and foremost requirement is high efficiency best quality products lower the heat on the stability of your inevitable high. Often employed to supply some of isolated and nonisolated two programs are relatively large measure of isolation low efficiency in use installation will have many problems as nonisolated products in the market for that prospects in which we discuss the nonisolated driver program. The use of nonisolated LED fluorescent lamp power supply to Taiwans technology companies A WFT wide Peng example A WFT the MOS control plugin the basic circuit shown in Figure : Basic circuit diagram Strength features: electricity supply ~ V external MOS power unlimited; low power high efficiency high power factor; with the load and short circuit protection output overvoltage protection current ripple characteristics of a good similar to DC output current DC no lights flash phenomenon high load capacity can drive roughly mA of current; customers have made the standard circuit W efficiency power factor .

can be certified by CE including EN for EMI testing lighting Lighting The following C type harmonic standard W EFTs V burst test ESD of V ESD test. string application can output a low voltage control without the regarding traditional large satellites Capacitor May well control the output current harmonics; A s LED solar applications mature and reliable we can provide LED fluorescent lamp can be tested through EMC PCB BOM table reference lines and to improve velocity of product design and development customers! LED light source Sulfur Cummings patent by the Taiwan LED lamp structure of beads their Chip Placed on the pin of heat over foot of silver produced by the node directly to the chip tropical outline with traditional products and traditional products in the cooling patch has qualitatively different the chip junction temperature is not cumulative thus ensuring a good light source lamp beads use ensure longlife source of light lamp beads lowlight not allow.

Traditional product placement though the golden chip connected through positive and negative but also to chip the heat for gold wire connected to the silver feet thermal and electrical conductivity were conducted by the money the heating accumulation time will directly impact the long life of LED fluorescent tube. The particular route and thermal conductivity of product placement as follows Figure : And Okinawa Cummings of the LED transmission routes and methods are as follows Figure : Okinawa Cummingss patented LED chip cooling structure allows the heat generated by the node quickly brought out the chip Department does not generate heat accumulation LED light source in order to achieve long life lamp beads can be used.

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